About Us

At incuman our goal is to delight our customers with our unique and innovative services. We are a digital marketplace.
Rent Anything
Our services include renting of all kinds of stuff which you can imagine. Say if you need some tools and a ladder for some home improvement, you can rent it from our website for cheap instead of buying it. If you have some unused stuff lying around in your house garage or storage you can put it for good use by renting it out to others and generating passive income.
Buy and Sell
Our buy and sell marketplace are suitable for buying anything under the sun. Our catalogue us vast and well organized and we are the only marketplace which offers vetted products. Hence, our customers do not have to worry about dubious products and deals.
Get out of lease
This is a unique service for folks who face any contingencies due to which they are forced to break the rental lease with their landlord. For a small monthly fee, we can help you get out of your lease without facing any legal consequences from the landlord.
We also offer delivery of all kinds of stuff to your home/office or wherever. Our delivery service is extremely convenient and fast. Whether you have bought something from our marketplace or any other marketplace you can use our delivery service to get the stuff delivered right where you need it.
Meet Our team
Raj Mukherjee
Samar Deshpande
Tarek Ahmed
Vikramjit Singh
Tech Adviser
Diljodh Nahal